1. Didn’t realize the Red Hook site is powered by WP. That’s awesome! All these sites are gorgeous.

  2. Great collection Sarah and all with fabulous graphics.

    I sometimes think that even an average theme can look good… with the right graphic.

    I wonder how much we judge the theme and how much we respond to the graphic.

  3. Charles Burke

    I’m curious what the theme is that is used for “Brewsters” …. do you know?

  4. And let’s remember WordPress is Free not free as in beer, free as in speech ;)

  5. Nice collection, awesome stuff! :) Actually, would want to try some of these from above, yeah!

    I wish German breweries would start using WordPress (more often…)!

    That to say, still in love with my Saxonian (German) and Bohemian beers/ breweries ;-)

  6. Great post. There is a new brewery that just opened up in my home town, Minot, ND that has a pretty nice site built on wordpress. Most of all I love the photography on the site. http://www.sourisriverbrewing.com

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