1. Michael Edwin

    Honestly, the costs with both WooCommerce and now Jetpack are really getting out of hand…especially if you run an agency.

    By the time you charge something for the design and setup, add WooCommerce and 3-4 extensions and then add the PayPal or Stripe fees…and I’m not even counting the hosting fees, you might as well just go with Shopify.

    So, say I want to jump onboard Jetpack CRM and offer it to my clients. US$5.40 per month is awesome. Then I realize, no, I have to prepay for the year. But that’s not all, I actually have to pay a whopping US$649.00 upfront and then hope I can get 10 clients to sign up. In the meantime, I’m carrying those costs. I guess the counter argument is that the cost is only $5.40 vs. $30. Sure…whatever.

    Anyway, great job Automattic. Maybe you don’t want resellers or agencies anymore. You don’t an excellent job pricing us out of the market. I actually have a competitor that gave up on WordPress and decided to pushed their clients over to Wix. Maybe I should do the same.


    • Peter Shaw

      Exactly. It is a bad situation, Jetpack has an unfair advantage, yet is a terrible product. Woocommerce is overly complex and charges for everything. Matt M buys competitors and in many cases kills the project later.

      Automattic needs to stop competing with the wordpress developer ecosystem and stop overcharging for its products or the community will leave.


      • Justin Tadlock

        Why should Automattic stop competing with WordPress developers in the ecosystem? It is a business just like any other. And, if they overcharge for their products, there are a dozen other offerings available from a dozen other companies.

        I don’t have a lot of love for Jetpack and have been vocal about many of its downfalls over the years (though it has improved drastically since its early days). Nevertheless, at the end of the day, it’s still a business. The goal is to make money so that you can pay your employees and invest in new ideas.


      • Daniel Walmsley

        Hi there, I’m the tech lead and architect for Jetpack here. Just wanted to drop a note that all Jetpack’s free features that you love are still free – Photon, dozens of shortcodes, tons of great Gutenberg blocks, contact forms, etc. We charge for some features that use a lot of server resources or require more hands-on support, or if they are intended for sites that are already running at large scale (e.g. Jetpack Search).

        Furthermore, Jetpack is just one of around 50 plugins that Automattic maintains, the vast majority of which are free, e.g. WP Super Cache and others.

        We feel that the WordPress ecosystem could use some more high-quality solutions, for example the brilliant Jetpack CRM, so that open source can compete with huge, closed vendors like Salesforce or Shopify or Wix. It’s challenging to do this in a heterogeneous environment where sites may run arbitrary code in highly variable environments. We try (sincerely) to only charge what we need to in order to grow our business and provide a great user experience. We are still learning how to do that, and in a way we’ll always be learning.


    • Lee

      Looks to me as though Automattic’s long term plan is to turn self-hosted WordPress into a frontend for remote/cloud services offered by Automattic. A little like the old (now returning) model of using dumb terminals connected to mainframe servers. At the rate Automattic is monetising WordPress, it won’t be long before the dashboard advertises WordPress Approved Site Maintainers and meddling with the source code is forbidden.

      But what’s really bothering me at the moment is the amount of PC activism showing up in WP Core. We need to know whether Automattic donates to activist and political causes. If it is it could seriously dent not only the reputation of WordPress but also the stability of the WordPress project.


      • Justin Tadlock

        I can assure you that Automattic donates to what some folks would consider “activist” and “political” causes. I seriously doubt it will harm the WordPress ecosystem to any substantial degree. I’m certain there are people who would be upset about anything they promote from one side of the political spectrum or another.

        Perhaps we can chat about Jetpack CRM for a bit though?


  2. Ella R.

    Why there are no developers, contributing to the ecosystem of the new CRM?


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