1. Steven Gliebe

    I haven’t talked to Dan or Brian yet but it might be possible that they could utilize our themes. It looks like what they’re doing is sort of a niche within a niche. With churchthemes.com we’re providing a solution for a whole church website. From what I understand, ymLaunch will be providing very specialized websites for youth ministries within churches or maybe parachurch organizations too. It’s great that they saw a need are and working at meeting it.


  2. Dan

    @Steven Gliebe – We have certainly targeted a niche within a niche!
    We’ve had a number of different options presented to us to fill out our design options for our customers- some of which Steven has suggested for us! It’s great that the WordPress community has different options that we can explore to better our product.

    Certainly looking forward to the things to come- but we recognize that there’s a mountain of hard work in front of us!


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