WPWeekly Episode 66 – Interview With Scott Reilly

wordpressweekly1 In episode 66, we interviewed Scott Reilly also known as Coffee2Code. Scott has developed over 50 plugins for WordPress. In this interview we discussed whether or not WordPress was a thankless community, various business models around plugins, why he contributes to open source projects and much more. It was a pleasure to have Scott on the show.

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WordPress Tavern Listener Poll:

Last weeks poll question was: What is the most important selling point for you when it comes to purchasing a theme?

Out of a total of 38 votes, 20 of you said Design, 12 of you said Support, 4 of you said License while 1 person voted Price and 1 person voted the History/Longevity Of The Business. Although it was not added, quite a few people in the comments mentioned their choice of Quality Of Code as a selling point.

This Weeks Poll Question Is: What Day Of The Week Should I Record WordPress Weekly?

Plugin Picks Of The Week:

JeffWPScoop – WP-Scoop is a Social Bookmarking Site for you to use and a place for you to discover what is hot in the WordPress world. You the user control the content that is there, vote great news & stories up and vote uninteresting content down.


Last Weeks WordPress Trivia Question:

Matt has been or is currently an adviser to four different companies. What are the names of these companies?

WordPress Trivia Answer:

sphere, wegame, rescuetime and foodzie.

This Weeks Trivia Question

What is Matts favorite iPhone applications? Hint, there are four of them.


On Thursday August 13th at 2PM Eastern Daylight Time, we’ll be interviewing Adii of WooThemes. The special date and time is due to Adiis geographic location.

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Length Of Episode: 1 Hour 8 Minutes

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