1. JLeuze

    It was interesting to hear from such a prolific plugin developer, if anyone should write a book about plugin development, it’s Scott Reilly!

    Being “a man of travel, tunes and publishing”, Matt said his favorite iPhone Apps are Tripit, Taxi Magic, Shazam, and of course, WordPress.

    Oh, and I’m all for moving the podcast to whichever day doesn’t work for Conorp ;)


  2. Conorp

    Beat me to it :)

    Being “a man of travel, tunes and publishing”, Matt said his favorite iPhone Apps are Tripit, Taxi Magic, Shazam, and of course, WordPress.



  3. Epic Alex

    Matt’s favourite iPhone apps are: “Tripit, Taxi Magic, Shazam, and of course, WordPress”


  4. Jeffro

    Wellp, that wraps up the points for this week. Conorp and JLeuze are tied but who knows, I might have a few tricks up my sleeve.

    It was a pleasure to have Scott on.


  5. Matt

    For a while it sounded like you were trying to talk Scott out of writing plugins.


  6. Stuart

    Hey Jeff,

    Good interview with scott and thanks for mentioning WPscoop in this weeks podcast i really appreciate it. The plug you gave us was a complete surprise to me when i listened to it after grabbing from iTunes and not visiting this page :).

    As you mentioned the site went dry for a few months as some things happened in my life which had to take priority over WPscoop, good news is life is back to normal and so is WPscoop. ;)

    Currently we are working behind the scenes on the sites tools like submit buttons and external utilities for site owners to display content on their own sites from WPscoop. We have also been working on a lot of little features and improvements that to the users aren’t as immediately recognizable as some of the larger functions of the site.

    I also agree with your statement that none of these “WordPress Orientated Digg Type” websites have ever really taken off, hopefully WPscoop can change that for several reasons. There is so much wordpress content online nowadays good and bad that i thought the wordpress community and myself needed somewhere that we can sort through it all and find the best content.

    Digg does the same job but i think not as well and here is why, WPscoop finds the best wordpress content from a wide variety of sources and publishes it to the mainpage from a wide selection of sources, Digg seems to only publish wordpress content submitted from powerusers or a slim selection of 2 – 5 popular sites who publish wordpress articles on occasion. One example would be WooThemes who have only ever had one article which was a design competition with prizes mainpage at Digg back on 7th October 2008? http://digg.com/search?s=wordpress

    Anyways just noticed i had wrote a few more sentences than anticipated lol so thanks again for the plug thats a beer from the Tavern i owe you ;)



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