WPWeekly Episode 65 – Interview With Nikolay Of GlotPress

wordpressweekly1In this Jeffroless addition of WordPress Weekly, David Peralty interviews Nikolay Bachiyski, creator of the GlotPress project. Among some of the topics discussed include translations, internationalization, localization, reasons for the GlotPress project, tools and techniques for translating themes and plugin, and more. I know that after I finished listening to this episode the other day, the GlotPress project made much more sense to me. I want to thank David for filling in for me as he did a great job.

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Links Mentioned During The Interview:

Nikolays Personal Blog
ICanLocalize Translation Service

WordPress Tavern Listener Poll:

Last weeks poll question was: Do You Think bbPress Will Evolve Into A WordPress Plugin?

Out of a total of 47 votes, 30 of you said no while 17 said yes.

This Weeks Poll Question Is: What is the most important selling point for you when it comes to purchasing a theme?

Plugin Picks Of The Week:

DavidBuy One Theme – BIN $60k

Last Weeks WordPress Trivia Question:

Prior to Automattic, what is the name of the company where Toni Schneider was the CEO?

WordPress Trivia Answer:


This Weeks Trivia Question

Matt has been or is currently an adviser to four different companies. What are the names of these companies?


On July 31st, we’ll be interviewing Scott Reilly aka Coffee2Code author of over 50 different WordPress plugins.

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Next Episode: Friday July 31st, 2009 8P.M. EST

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Length Of Episode: 40 Minutes 29 Seconds

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8 responses to “WPWeekly Episode 65 – Interview With Nikolay Of GlotPress”

  1. matt is an adviser to sphere, wegame, rescuetime and foodzie. From matts about page. Sorry can’t link on touch

  2. Props to David for doing such a great job of flying solo on the podcast this week!

    I know one plugin that I created a translation for was GigPress. I think that the developer did a great job of internationalizing his plugin, lots of languages to choose from. Though my translation was just to customize the terminology of the plugin.

    According to Matt’s about page, “I have been or am currently an adviser to Sphere, WeGame, Rescuetime, and Foodzie.” And The Howdy Doody fan club ;)

  3. Matt says “I have been or am currently an adviser to Sphere, WeGame, Rescuetime, and Foodzie.” on his about page.

    Really looking forward to the interview with Scott Reilly.

  4. @David – Actually, this was episode 65. The roundtable episode was 64 but I messed up the title to say 65. Corrected now though.

    Congrats to Conorp for getting the first place points this time around.

  5. First off, it was good to see you at the meetup!

    Actually, I haven’t heard about GlotPress project before.
    I think only one web source (a report log from WordCamp SF) has featured this in Japanese (my native language). Anyhow, it’s really interesting for the bilingual users/or developers.

    Thanks for posting a great interview!


  6. @endunham – It was great to see you as well. Looking forward to future meetups! Great to see a project geared towards internationalization.


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