New Project Underway – GlotPress

glotpresslogoSoon, there will be another Press application added to the family called GlotPress. Heck of a name right? GlotPress will be a web-based translation tool similar to how WordPress is a web-based publishing tool. According to Nikolay who made the announcement on the Polyglot mailing list here is what to expect:

  • As usable as a desktop client.
  • Simple and clean. As extensible as hell. Or at least as WordPress.
  • Build for collaboration.
  • APIs and import/export.

So far, Nikolay has been able to do the entire Bulgarian translation from within GlotPress.

Currently GlotPress can be installed and can import/export gettext files and can translate. And that’s all. The user system isn’t there, you can’t edit/create projects from the interface, there is no approval of translations.

Nikolay is asking for help and has published a few documents on the Trac page for the project. If you’re interested in this translation project, I suggest getting in touch with Nikolay either on the Polyglot mailing list or via email. As it stands, currently redirects to but I imagine we’ll see a website for the project once the initial release is ready.

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  1. I still think it has something to do with that urban dictionary definition.


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