1. JLeuze

    As I build more business than blog sites with WordPress, this was I thought a really interesting show!

    I agree that better role management would be a very welcome feature in WordPress. I personally don’t need anything terribly drastic, I’d like to see basic groups so that I could restrict users to a certain category, or a specific Page and it’s children. I think maybe a bit more fine-grained control in core to lay the groundwork; and something more more advanced, one of the two plugins they mentioned, as a canonical plugin would be sufficient.

    I feel their pain, and I’m sure the pain of many others, when it comes to clients and end users balking at the idea of blogging. I learned quickly to not even mention blogs to them and to just strip the comment features out of the theme, and removed all mention of blog or blogroll and rebrand the whole blog feature as just plain old “news”. It makes some end users feel more comfortable and lets them ease into blogging without even knowing it :)

    Hopefully this one isn’t a trick question! There are five names listed on the About WordPress page as lead developers who I assume are all able to commit to core: Ryan Boren, Mark Jaquith, Matt Mullenweg, Andrew Ozz, & Peter Westwood.


  2. Kim

    Enjoyed the show as well – was really cool that there was a group of folks with Randy and Scott listening to the interview live.

    My answers to the trivia question:
    Matt Mullenweg, Ryan Boren, Peter Westwood, Mark Jaquith, Andrew Ozz


  3. Jeffro

    You two got the correct answers. Now Conorp gets a special exception this week because he private messaged me the answers as he couldn’t publish them since the site was timing out for him. So he actually got the answers first, then Josh, then Kim.

    All in all though, it was a great show and I’m going to find a way to get that crowd cheering into a sound byte.


  4. Conorp

    Thanks Jeff, that was very kind of you to make an exception.

    Why do many people find it better to link the blog and forum accounts. I’m with your Jeff, to me it would be an added pain. Plus what benefits are you actually getting from doing this?

    If linking accounts is something thats important to you, why not still go with something like phpbb and just install a mod that does it. In my opinion you shouldn’t go with a ‘mediocre’ forum system, when you can go with a high performing one with the same result.


  5. JLeuze

    Dang, I’m going to have to stop sleeping on the weekends if I wanna keep my points up there ;)

    I’ve got a few forums on phpBB, and I’m happily migrating them to bbPress now that it is past 1.0, I’m so sick of spammers I don’t care what I have to “give up”. I don’t need private messages, signatures and all that other stuff, I’d gladly trade them for Akismet!

    The thing that disappoints me most about phpBB is it’s age, it’s slow and lumbering, and has a real upgrade like every two years. That reminds me way too much of Windows…

    It really depends on your specific needs though. On one of my sites, i have a rather active phpBB forum, and the main site is in WordPress and not very active. I have several authors on the WordPress site, and they are moderators on the forum. So it makes sense to have that all under WordPress/bbPress with integrated login. I am hoping this will also encourage more people that are already logged in to the forum to comment in the blog since they would be logged in there as well. I also like having more options for pulling the latest posts and threads from bbPress and promoting them in the sidebar of the blog.


  6. Conorp

    I just thought i would point out that I’m a big fan of Mybb.



  7. JLeuze

    @Conorp – I’ve heard good things about MyBB.


  8. Conorp
  9. Aaron D. Campbell

    Regarding the Minimum Comment Length plugin by Joost, you can see on WordPress extend that it was last updated 7 months ago, before you had yours developed, and you can see on the plugins trac that it was first checked in 12 months ago in July 2008.


  10. Jeffro

    @Aaron D. Campbell – Thanks Aaron. Maybe Will didn’t come across it during his search but in any case, he whipped up a plugin and it works just fine for me so I don’t plan on switching. But interesting to see one already existed.


  11. Jeffro

    Looks like Conorp has caught up with Josh as they are both tied for first place after week two.


  12. Scott ellis

    Guys, great episode. I was really impressed with PODS when I saw the preso at WCDFW09 and as a long time CMS developer (years of Vignette experience since 98′) I have been looking for plugins/functions that would take WP from a lightweight CMS to something capable of more “heavyweight” CMS implementations. Keep up the good work with the broadcasts.


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