WPWeekly Episode 62 – Celebrating The Freedoms Of The GPL

wordpressweekly1This freedom filled edition of WordPress Weekly was an open mic night where we discussed all sorts of topics such as the freedoms of the GPL, commercial GPL themes and plugins, bbPress 1.0, the WordPress bible and a whole lot more. This episode also kick starts the WordPress Weekly Trivia game.

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Stories Discussed:

GPL Commercial Themes Page A Reality (What About Plugins?)

The four freedoms users have under the GPL.

  • The freedom to run the program, for any purpose
  • The freedom to study how the program works, and change it to make it do what you wish. Access to the source code is a precondition for this.
  • The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor
  • The freedom to improve the program, and release your improvements (and modified versions in general) to the public, so that the whole community benefits Access to the source code is a precondition for this.

WordPress Dev Chat For July 1st
A Lesson In Why You Should Backup Your Database
Aaron Brazell Gets A Book Deal
bbPress 1.0 Released

WordPress Tavern Listener Poll:

Last weeks poll question was:
Do You Know The Difference Between WordPress.com And WordPress.org?

Out of a total of 52 votes, 51 of you said Yes, 1 of you said No, and no one voted that they are both the same.

This Weeks Poll Question Is:
Should there be a page on the plugin repository for Commercial GPL plugins?

Plugin Picks Of The Week:

JeffWordPress iPhone App – This is a free application for the apple iPhone 3g, 3gs, and iPod Touch that lets you write posts, upload photos, edit pages, and manage comments on your blog. Both self-hosted and WordPress.com blogs are supported. WordPress 2.5.1 or higher is required.

This Weeks Trivia Question

Matt was recently interviewed for a blog post which I won’t name but one of the questions he was asked was: What can we expect from Matt in the near future besides WordPress advancements, of course? Your job is to provide the answer


This week we’ll be interviewing Randy Hoyt who presented at WordCamp Dallas. We’ll also be interviewing Scott Clark who is the author of the Pods plugin. He also did a presentation at WordCamp Dallas on the topic of “WordPress As A CMS“.

WPWeekly Meta:

Next Episode: Friday July 10th, 2009 8P.M. EST

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Length Of Episode: 1 Hour 1 Minute

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7 responses to “WPWeekly Episode 62 – Celebrating The Freedoms Of The GPL”

  1. I think actually talking about the freedoms of the GPL was a great topic to cover on “Independence Day”. The arguments and speculation tend to concentrate on the negative aspects of the GPL and the freedoms that all users gain from Open Source software can get overlooked.

    I think that no matter how we might feel about specific licenses or business models we can all agree that the more code that makes it out there into the collective pool to draw from, the better off we will all be :)

    Oh, we can expect to see more photos from Matt in the future. My guess is from Brazil and Montreal, must be rough ;)

  2. Beat me to it :p Yes, Matt will post more photos

    I’ve gotta say that I’m sick of the GPL now. I cant handle another show on it.

  3. @JLeuze – I can at least say I tried. Not sure if I pulled it off or not but it was a different spin on the GPL lol.

    @Conorp – Not sure what he beat you to. Maybe with the air cleared a bit from the post on the dev blog, it won’t be so bad now. Perhaps I’ll get back into publishing content from across the web outside of the GPL topic like I said I was going to do

  4. Off topic, but do you know if there is a plugin that lets us select what timezone where in. So the post times are relevant to everyone, not just you :p

  5. @Conorp – Hmm, no. Interesting since registered users to the site would be able to define their local timezone but since I don’t do registrations on this site, it doesn’t work that way. I’ll have to look into that.

  6. Yep. Looks like we have our first three winners this week. I’ll be updating the scorecard in a little bit.


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