WPWeekly Episode 53 – Interview With Daniel Scocco

wordpressweekly1On episode 53 of WordPress Weekly, David and I had a chance to talk with Daniel Scocco who is the man behind the popular (and I do mean popular) site DailyBlogTips.com Daniel has used WordPress for DBT since 2005 and he also publishes reviews about a ton of WordPress plugins and themes so it made sense to have him on the show. However, the show wasn’t all about WordPress as we also discussed content generation, monetization, what it’s like to be in the Technorati top 100, and much more.

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This episode of WordPress Weekly is sponsored by, WebDevStudios.com. WebDevStudios is a website development company specializing in WordPress support and development services. Be sure to check out their new WordPress Support Packages at http://webdevstudios.com/support

WordPress Tavern Listener Poll:

Each week from now on, I’ll be featuring a new listener poll question on WPTavern.com The poll is located in the sidebar on the right hand side of the site.

Last weeks poll question was: Is Blogging dying because of Facebook, Twitter, etc?

Out of a total of 36 votes, 23 of you said it’s just evolving, 12 of you voted no and 1 of you voted yes.

This Weeks Poll Question Is: Do you take into consideration whether a theme is licensed under the GPL or not before you purchase it?

Plugin Picks Of The Week:

JeffOdiogo Listen Button – Odiogo.com is a service that takes your text based blog posts and provides a listen button where end users can listen to a synthesized voice read the blog post. This makes your blog a little more accessible to those with vision problems. The voice isn’t bad but you can tell we still have a long way to go for natural sounding speech.

DavidWordPress File Monitor – Checks to see if any files have been changed. Very important as code insertion hacks happen fairly often if your permissions aren’t set up correctly.

WordPress Trivia Question:

Which version of WordPress was named after a core developers son?


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Next Episode: Friday May 8th, 2009 8P.M. EDT

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Length Of Episode: 1 Hour 13 Minutes

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6 responses to “WPWeekly Episode 53 – Interview With Daniel Scocco”

  1. Thanks for the link to my plugin, WordPress File Monitor.

    Glad folks are finding it useful :) There should be a new version out in the next day or two.


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