Whats In Store For WordPress Weekly

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up regarding the next few weeks of WordPress Weekly. This Friday won’t feature any guest interviews but instead, we’ll take time out to discuss the news of the past two weeks and catchup on other things that are happening within the community.

For episode 52 on April 24th, Matt Mullenweg will be our special guest. He was originally slated for March 20th but was unable to make it due to a meeting. On May 1st, we’ll be interviewing Daniel Scocco of DailyBlogTips.com. Daniel has worked with WordPress for a long time now so it will be nice to get him on to talk about his experiences with the software.

May 8th will feature no guests as we get back on track and possibly talk about WordPress 2.8 and whatever else is happening in the community. For Friday May 15th, it may be a shorter than average show as I will most likely be on the road headed towards Columbus for the WordCamp event scheduled to take place that weekend. We’ll be providing an overview of the event and will be talking about whatever else is happening in the WordPress-O-Sphere.



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