1. Lyndon Roeller

    Great conversation. As an agency trying to use Woo at scale, I’m really interested in this concept of an e-commerce SAAS engine for WP.

    Will definitely be testing the BigCommerce plugin out.


  2. Michael McGlynn

    After a year of loyal listening, I’m officially sick of John’s low quality audio. This is my public pledge to buy him a microphone. No other podcast that I listen to has worse audio


    • JJJ

      Obviously I can’t hear myself through my own microphone, and this is only the second episode in as many years where someone’s mentioned on-air audio issues on my end only.

      I use a Rode Podcaster hooked to a Mac Pro, and we do a ten minute sound-check with each other and any guests before every single show.

      I also separately record my side of our conversations in QuickTime as a back-up, in the event something in Google Hangouts garbles the audio.

      If you have tips beyond that, I’d love to hear them in a high fidelity audio format.


      • Michael McGlynn

        Here’s my suggestion. Listen to this episode. Then listen to a regular episode of ATP. I hope you can hear the difference.

        Based on your description, my guess is that the audio sounds good from the source, but is then greatly compressed by Google Hangouts. If Jeff is recording locally on his machine, that would explain the difference.

        You might try a side-by-side comparison of your local Quicktime file and the published podcast. You might be surprised.

        I know that some podcasts fly in their local audio instead of relying on the Hangouts audio. That’s obviously a lot more work and may not be worth it to you, but I think that yields a good result.

        As for you comment about recording my answer in high fidelity audio, I could do that, but not sure why. I don’t have a podcast.


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