WPWeekly Episode 284 – Catching Up with David Peralty

In this episode, John James Jacoby and I are joined by David Peralty. Peralty is a prolific writer with more than 30K articles published online for various media outlets. He also co-hosted WordPress Weekly episodes 41-75 in 2009.

We discuss the rise and evolution of blog networks over the years, the current state of WordPress development, and what he thinks of Gutenberg.

We have a great conversation about working remotely and how working in an office with great people focused on the same goal can be an energizing experience. Later in the show, Jacoby and I discuss the news of the week, including the idea of opt-in usage data tracking in WordPress.

Stories Discussed:

Publishers Are Moving Back to WordPress After Short Experiments with Medium
Trademark Trial and Appeal Board Dismisses Automattic’s Trademark Dispute Against Chris Pearson
Gutenberg 0.7.0 Adds Opt-In Usage Tracking
Gutenberg Development Team Confirms Meta Box API Will Not be Formally Deprecated
WordPress Core Fields API Project Sees Renewed Interest

Picks of the Week:

Comment moderation is not the same as censorship, or is it?

Censorship in Moderation

Not Trac by Ryan McCue, connects to WordPress.org’s Trac instance via XML-RPC. Before using, please read McCue’s warnings about usernames and passwords.

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