1. mark k.

    push-back from a subset of the community

    so now the number of people that have an opinion matters :( it took very few (one ?) people to cancel the theme install feature which was already in the beta, does this also fall under the push-back of the “subset”, or was that specific subset more important than other subsets?


    • Jeff Chandler

      I used the word subset in place of the word community because community is too broad and it’s not the entire community that is pushing back against the customizer.


      • mark k.

        Jeff, I think the range of people objecting to the big customizer plan, or just specific parts of it is also very broad. It probably represent the voice of a large community of developers that are forced into working with the customizer.

        Obviously since the customizer was forced on theme developers they have stopped wasting time complaining, but that does not mean that it is a subset of the developers community that is complaining, as far as anyone knows it might also be the majority that complains.

        Anyway characterizing it as a “push-back” is exaggeration, people venting in the tavern is not a “push-back” as everyone knows that decisions are not made here.


  2. Luke Cavanagh

    In relation to the UI and UX, Medium and Squarespace actually do a very good job on those.


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