1. Rich Tabor

    “The biggest concern I have is that controls are designed for the 300px width, generally,” Ruter said. “So if the width is all of a sudden 900px, then the (custom) controls may well not look right.”

    – That’s what I’m thinking.

    Seems like it’ll be a good add-in, but we also could be seeing developers throwing in more options solely because there’s more space. Keeping things looking nice and from getting cluttered will be tough.


  2. Ross

    This was discussed at WordCamp Edinburgh recently! Great to see it making progress to Core.


  3. Cameron

    I also made a plugin that does that.


  4. Marcelo

    +1 for a detachable customizer pane. It would be great to see the full page in action without being influenced by its own responsiveness.

    I think this should go to the WP trac, right? :)


  5. Anthony Hortin

    “the idea for the plugin came out of the community summit held earlier this month in Philadelphia, where it was raised as a usability improvement.”

    People have been asking for this since the Customizer was first introduced back in WP3.4, along with saying the existing width has usability issues.


  6. Muhammad Imran

    wow.. that is a great feature, thanks Sara for sharing this info. :)


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