1. Andreas Nurbo

    It was a great episode you should convince Mila to come on more often. It was enlightening to this introduction to all the backend ins and out regarding managing the chicken heard of plugins and their devs. It sounded like they needed even more automation and auditors. Maybe it was mentioned or not but how exactly is the setup for handling issues? Emailing back in forth sounds like a big hassle and prone to cause tone issues. There is not a trac like system in place?
    I’d guess at least a few people would be less hostile if exchanges were at least in theory more public.
    The handling of morality and what not issues regarding plugins was reassuring.
    The thoughts regarding plugins etc was very informative. Really liked this episode.


  2. Eugene Kopich

    Logic Shortcodes’ page says about compatibility up to 5.4))


  3. Terence

    I have great respect for Mika and the incredible work she does. And I especially love her sense of humour. She’s a very smart lady with a great worldview and does really good work. 1000% WordPress through and through.


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