WPWeekly Episode 176 – Farewell Kim

This special episode of WordPress Weekly doesn’t have any news or plugin picks of the week. Instead, it’s dedicated to the late Kim Parsell.

I describe the experience of January 2nd where Brian Layman and I drive to Kim Parsell’s house to check on her. After telling the story, I share a couple of funny memories I have of Kim, like the time I called her #wpgrandma. Near the end of the show, we discuss the outpouring of support from the WordPress community and a special memorial page created by Suzette Franck.

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Next Episode: Wednesday, January 14th 9:30 P.M. Eastern

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4 responses to “WPWeekly Episode 176 – Farewell Kim”

  1. I read your wonderful tribute to KIm. Too often those of us on the periphery of the community take for granted the work and dedication of others. We rarely even know their names even though their contributions are great and have benefited us all. Thank you for sharing the thoughts and memories.

  2. These are very sad news, my mom is from Ohio like Kim and I was using the WP Hide Dashboard for sometime, a plugin developed by Kim.

    Her death it is a very sad loss but she left a legacy for the wordpress community that will never be forgotten.

    RIP Kim


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