1. Ted Clayton

    WordPress in 10 years? As we know it?

    Software-complexity is a raging epidemic, and that per se is only the tip of a runaway cultural iceberg. The Once Upon A Time fairytale policy to have a simple core that would support arbitrary plugin-based functionality reflected Matt Mullenweg’s recognition that the complexity-steamroller was overtaking him. He & the Policy were unceremoniously flattened.

    Computers & the Internet probably cannot deliver what those who really sponsor these trends want, and damn well expect. TV captured well over 90% of the market, and radio before it, for generations. The Web is achieving nothing close to that … and without that overweening domination, mass consumer marketing as we know it won’t work. It fragments … polarizes.

    It’s a charade; a house of cards.

    The Net will survive, but much of the ‘business’ is baseless. WordPress has a huge cultural brand, and will be able to do something with it. I think Mullenweg is the sort of person who sees these bigger patterns through the smoke & ruckus.


  2. Marcus L Tibesar

    Sidebar: Hi Jeff, where do you get your stock photos for WPTavern please? You always seem to pick out just the most appropriate photos to feature in each Post.




  3. Steve Wilkinson

    ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ wasn’t right??? (Was that sarcasm?) :)


  4. Steve Wilkinson

    re: 10 years from now…

    I have to agree with Marcus. In my experience, the Web isn’t that fundamentally different after 20 years, so I’m missing why it’s going to be THAT fundamentally different in another 10.

    I sure hope we’re not headed towards a more futuristic AOL or CompuServe, or an App-ized Web. If so, that will be a major step backwards, and ruin the Web.


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