WPWeekly Episode 153 – The Joomla Beat With Peter Bui

Marcus Couch and I were joined by Peter Bui of PB WebDev. Bui who lives in Sydney Australia produces the JoomlaBeat podcast. JoomlaBeat is a weekly podcast produced as a resource for the Joomla community. This episode is a civilized and informational conversation that discusses the similarities and distinct differences between the WordPress and Joomla projects.

While both are open source licensed under the GPL, they are content management systems solving problems in their own way. It’s important for WordPress developers to not get tunnel vision thinking WordPress can be used to solve every problem. I’ve always said, use the best tool for the job whether that’s Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress. It was great to share stories, experiences, and discuss the future of each platform with Bui.

As bonus material, listen to Episode 50 of the JoomlaBeat podcast which features a roundtable discussion of the Joomla ecosystem. Not only do they talk about Joomla but they also discuss WordPress and Drupal as well. I thought it was interesting to hear their pros and cons for each project, especially WordPress’.

Stories Discussed:

Pods Framework For WordPress Releases Update To Patch Security Vulnerability
WordPress Security Alert: New Zero-Day Vulnerability Discovered in TimThumb Script
New oEmbed Providers Coming In WordPress 4.0
Dates Announced For PressNomics 3 – Jan 22nd-24th, 2015
WordCamp Toronto 2014 Seeking Speakers With A Focus On Accessibility

Plugins Picked By Marcus:

Verify Ownership – An easy way to add Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alexa, and Pinterest meta tag verification codes to your site and to verify ownership. Takes care of six plugins in one!

On The Road – This is a great plugin for those who would like to use WordPress to log their vacation and travel journeys. Geo-localize your posts, group them into journeys, and add any number of customized maps anywhere on your site.

Meetup – Create one or several local meetup events. You can add the number of seats available, speaker lists with their topic, sponsor listings, attendee list, and a picture gallery. This is a new plugin by Tareq Hasan in which he is seeking other contributors to participate. Check out more on Github.

WPWeekly Meta:

Next Episode: Friday, July 11th 3 P.M. Eastern

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5 responses to “WPWeekly Episode 153 – The Joomla Beat With Peter Bui”

  1. Great episode, as always! I just wanted to say that Pete is a really great guy – who actually helped organise WordCamp Sydney in 2012… Top bloke!

  2. I hate how some things are difficult to change unless you make code edits. For static sites it seems like Joomla is easier in this respect.


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