1. Jason

    Responsive oEmbed in core would be a nice feature too. It took testing a few plugins to find one that worked. I then had to go through all of my posts with media and correct them from using shortcodes so I could use native oEmbed.


    • Otto

      Realistically, whether a provider outputs responsive capable HTML or not is entirely up to them. They can change their responses without core making any changes at all. Core simply implements a whitelist. The provider provides their HTML.


  2. Jonathan Buttigieg

    The oEmbed YouTube playlist URLs is very interesting.

    When you look at the core report, it was quick to add the support :)


  3. John Blackbourn

    We’ve also added support for Animoto: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/28265.


  4. partofstyle (@partofstyle)

    this all is nice, but the main question is load on CPU and Data BASE will it increased again?


  5. Christina Warren

    Another option for users who want to add more oEmbed stuff is Embedly. They support a metric shit-ton (technical term :-)) of oEmbed providers. And you can disable any of the ones that overlap in case there is conflict (which I’ve honestly never had happen).



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