1. Chip Bennett

    So, is there any reason not to use the built-in WordPress user roles, and let guest posters register as “contributor” (etc.) and draft posts from your WP back-end?

    I’m wondering if there is some security issue or something that is preventing you from using WordPress’ built-in functionality?


  2. Dave Bullard

    We use WP as a full-fledged CMS for a daily news website (click my name to see it). We get several dozen contributions a day from the community to go along with the news that we write.

    I’d be grateful for an application or plugin that allowed outside users to submit information without allowing them access to the admin area.

    I know you can restrict users by role (we use the Role Manager plugin) but I’d rather not give anyone access to the admin, even a stripped down version of it. Bad things can happen.

    This plugin is a good start for my needs and I’d be willing to invest to get the plugin to the next level. We require photo handling, for instance. I’d also think the write window should support making links, since links are the whole point of the internet.

    The plugin is a tremendous start, however, and I’d be happy to be contacted about being part of its development.


  3. Jeffro

    @Chip Bennett – I actually don’t want to deal with any more registered users on the site. Also, those people would need to become dedicated writers if I were to go though the trouble of adding them as a contributor. I’d rather have a system that I didn’t have to worry about user permissions anyways.

    @Dave Bullard – There is a plugin that will be released some time in the future that will enable you to easily have a post submission form on your site but I have no idea when it will be released. Maybe this will encourage Michael to rework the plugin into something more people can use.


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