1. ThePremiumPress

    Thanks for the brief write-up Jeff – much appreciated…

    As you pointed out, our focus has been primarily targeted towards gMaps for these past few months, and have a solid (almost) completed product there. RadioPress is more like a month away, but nonetheless hope to get things officially launched in March – we’re just not sure how close to the end of March that will be… :p

    Hope to be in touch with you again soon once things are official – all the best in the meantime…


  2. James


    Was an interesting read and then noticed how they are almost ripping of premium press themes.. how unimaginative is their domain name.. THE premiumpress… ??

    http://www.premiumpress.com is the offical website.

    Not sure why they couldn’t think of a better name since Premium Press already does WordPress themes and had been around for ages.

    Anyways your maps looks good but not sure i like the idea of a company who piggy backs off another..



  3. ThePremiumPress

    @james – since we were originally called WPMU Premium, and that WordPress MU is no longer going to exist, we felt it was important to re-brand whilst we had the chance.

    We know we wanted the words “premium” and “press” in our name, as this really pin-pointed what we were about – and was bound to be good from an SEO point of view, so the decision to change our name to ThePremiumPress was a relatively easy one that did not involve ripping anything off or purposely stepping on anyone’s toes…

    As for ripping-off themes, what’s that all about…?

    At present, we have only have two themes, and can guarantee we built them from scratch and that there is nothing else like them on the market-place – otherwise they’d have been completed months ago and would be selling like hot-cakes already… :-)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts – it’s unfortunate that they appear to be so negative.

    All the best with your own ventures, and thanks for your compliments regarding gMaps.


  4. John

    Premiun Press themes are FRAUD, They don’t work and once we purchased the theme we are totally ignored and their SUPPORT is BAD. Themes does not function correctly. No proper installation documents and so many missing pages and codes.


  5. ThePremiumPress

    @John – we hope you are talking about PremiumPress being frauds, and not ThePremiumPress, for although ThePremiumPress could have spent more time picking out a more appropriate and less used name, they are certainly not frauds and to be honest, we were far more interested in building something special with gMaps and RadioPress than worrying about what to call ourselves and whether it would upset anyone.

    As for our own client support (I cannot speak for PremiumPress support as I have never heard of them until this thread was first started – much the same as they have with us, I am sure), but I can assure you that our clients are very happy with the way that we interact with them and am more than willing to discuss this or our company and how we can help our clients with anyone who contacts us.

    Must once again thank you for your feedback, for as the saying goes, there’s no such thing as bad “press” – no pun intended! :-)


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