1. WPMU Premium

    I guess someone had to find us eventually…

    Am glad it was you and only wish we had everything set up and in place ready for the swarming masses…

    Now the pressure is really on!

    Look forward to hearing more from you soon…

    Thanks again for the kudos! :-)


  2. donnacha | WordSkill

    Why not do this as a regular WP premium theme?

    As far as I can see, your theme’s unique feature is that posts are attached to specific locations on the map. I understand that your original client runs a blog network based upon WPMU, but this functionality has no inherently MU-specific requirements.

    By requiring WPMU, you are massively cutting down your potential market. Far more people are willing to install regular WP than WPMU, why insist on WPMU when your customers might not want or need to run a blog network?

    A quick rewrite for WP compatibility would result in far more sales.


  3. WPMU Premium

    Donnacha – we’re totally with you…

    Will certainly create a standard WP version too, but to be honest, we are still putting the finishing touches onto this one for WPMU, and are continuing to beta-test it for different regions and so forth…

    We were not really planning on telling anyone about ourselves or our themes until we were all set up and ready to rock…

    A series of events led us to this point, where Jeff let the cat out of the bag, and only hope we do not disappoint in getting things finished off, especially as some of us have day time jobs…

    Nonetheless, it’s an absolute honor to finally chat with you – assuming you are the same donnacha that made this all possible for us…? This being the continued development of MU.

    (if you’re not that same donnacha, it’s still an honor, it’s just not an absolute one) … :-)


  4. donnacha | WordSkill

    I’m afraid I’m an entirely different Donnacha – we’re both Irish and our names are almost the same but the WPMU lead spells his incorrectly: “Donncha” :)

    It’s a confusion that has come up a few times and I do my best to correct it but, still, I always feel a little bit guilty. I’ve talked to Donncha about it and he thinks it’s funny.

    Anyway, I’m quite involved in the WordPress community and this problem is bound to crop up again, so, just for the recored, the best way to distinguish me from Automattic Donncha, apart from the different spelling of our names, is that I always post as “donnacha | WordSkill” (WordSkill.com will be my main blog once it launches).

    Also, to further minimize confusion, I made my gravatar as unique as possible, using a ridiculous photo of me dancing on a mountain after a country wedding. That should make it pretty easy to tell us apart, unless Donncha starts dancing on mountains too – and he won’t, he’s too busy playing video games.

    Back on topic, I’m delighted that you’ll be releasing a WP version and don’t stress too much about the premature spotlight, just use it as a good reason to focus and finish your project at a sensible pace, taking the time to do it right and, more importantly, to enjoy it – as long as your don’t do a StayPress and clearly lose interest in your project, your audience will still be waiting for you in a few months.


  5. WPMU Premium

    Thanks for the education Donnacha – will keep our eyes open for dancing mountains, or is it dancing loonies on mountains, I forget…? :p

    Your support and kind words ring warmly at heart, thanks for taking the time and effort to write them…

    We have recently added some roadmaps to our (un-publicly-published forums), and the one specifically for WPMU gMaps can be found here:

    May the force be with you…


  6. ThePremiumPress

    For those stumbling upon this post – WPMU Premium is now ThePremiumPress, where gMaps v.1.0.2 has just been released with full BuddyPress support making it a LBS in a box!



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