WPJewels Gearing Up For Re-Launch

Back in October of 2009, Andrea_r passed a link on Twitter to a site called WPJewels.com that claimed to sell WordPress jewelery. Unfortunately, due to production issues with the first company they contacted, they had to search for another producer. Some time went by with no word on what happened but the other day, I received an email from them with some good news.

They have found a new company that will produce the pendants and earrings but the cubed pendants will not be created. Also because of the new company, prices have decreased to $20.00 a pendant and $16.00 for a pair of earrings. The new website reflecting the price changes will be launched in the next few days which will also contain more pictures of the products. I’ve also sent them a list of questions regarding their business that I’m interested in, especially what they plan on doing to have a presence at WordCamps. I wouldn’t mind wearing some WordPress bling.


5 responses to “WPJewels Gearing Up For Re-Launch”

  1. Beysim is wright, We are not using WordPress.
    My question for Beysim would be: why should we?
    The site itself has 3 pages I think. We really didn’t see the point to use WordPress just now. We love using WordPress but installing it just to display 3 pages would have been pointless.
    Am I right?

  2. You can even install WordPress and have no pages at all, sure you can :) But why?
    The site still would have needed to be done in html first and then integrated in a WordPress theme, so it wouldn’t have taken us just 5 minutes to set up.
    We didn’t install WordPress because we wouldn’t have used any of the functions in it.
    Not using WordPress for this site doesn’t mean we don’t support WordPress, it just means I prefer to give it a real challenge when I use it.


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