1. Travis Ballard

    it’s isn’t jewelry but i want a WordPRess case for my htc hero ;/ the only jewelry that i really wear is a watch and i wouldn’t replace that even with a WordPress one. well, unless it had bigger diamonds in it of course :P


  2. Soccer rebounders

    WOW! What a joy.

    So glad to hear Anika came through the initial troubles, and managed to get going.

    I can say that I LIKE the idea, and I know at least 1 other person will too (My Partner) and I will make a purchase for her birthday in 2 months, she is also WordPress Crazy :-)

    Good luck with it, hope you manage to make it a cracking success!


  3. Anika - wpjewels.com

    We only have a small number of pendants and earrings.
    I hope we will still have a gift for your partner for her birthday. You might just catch us in the period when we are on backorders.
    May I suggest something? Use the contact form in the site and send me your email and if I see that we will run out till then I will give you an email. If not, then you can just order it when you need it.


  4. Chris

    A funny note: WPJewels isn’t run on WordPress.


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