1. Peter

    It is again quite bad thought. I mean they have had years to do that audit. Actually without taking accessibility concerns SERIOUSLY into consideration they simply should not have begin coding the UI at all.

    Now as there are only some days until GB lands in core they just want money for that audit?!
    That is a complete non-sense as they will get that audit cost free from people living with accessibility problems the next day as GB ships with core.

    And by the way any audits are completely useless if they just do not listen and change their mind.


    • Nelson

      Read the article again. The audit was proposed months ago not just days to Gutenberg’s release, which in itself, judging by sentiments all around, it’s really good for primetime despite reaching RC status. If you follow discussions it seems as if the Gutenberg team powered ahead without really considering all community feedback.

      The effort and will has always been there for an audit but it’s like it was given a backseat by the core Gutenberg team.


    • Andreas Nurbo

      This is a community initiative, it is not a initiative from Automattic or the WordPress Foundation. You write a lot about “they” in your reply but who “they” are is not very obvious, you seem to have misread or not even read the post in question.


  2. Terence

    This really is shameful. Its the most blatant abuse of the community’s goodwill being used to line the pockets of Automattic’s investors. It’s not like there are two different WordPress applications — one for professional use and the other for home use — but even if there were, wouldn’t both need to be equally accessible? No, the only organization which should be paying to test this software is the one who stands to make the most money with it. Shame on you Matt Mullenweg.


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