WP Super Cache 1.0 Released

Congrats to Donncha O Caoimh for releasing version 1.0 of his popular caching plugin, WP Super Cache. The release is an incremental improvement over previous versions but contains a number of bugfixes and new features such as a “Delete Cache” link within the admin bar. Back in 2009 when the plugin was first released, it was THE plugin that everyone suggested using if you wanted to increase performance on your site due to caching. Now a days, it seems as though W3 Total Cache has taken over that position. However, it’s nice to see Donncha still improving the plugin to provide users an alternate choice in caching solutions.


  1. Glad to see the update on WP Super Cache. I still use it over W3 Total Cache on certain sites, including my own!


  2. W3 Total Cache does not yet support MS installs, correct? There’s a big reason to love WP Super Cache


  3. I woke up to find my website account suspended because of MySQL CPU usage is too high for a shared server. I’ve managed to make them let me in to make some amendments but they’ve told me to get a caching plugin and named WP Super Cache as the one but I’m seeing just as many docs saying that I should use W3 Total Cache.

    I’m unsure which one I should now use. Should it be this one or the other? And I’ve FA of an idea how to configure it as well…


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