1. Jonathan

    Congrats Donncha!


  2. Bryan Hoffman

    Glad to see the update on WP Super Cache. I still use it over W3 Total Cache on certain sites, including my own!


  3. Carlos

    W3 Total Cache does not yet support MS installs, correct? There’s a big reason to love WP Super Cache


  4. Joseph

    I woke up to find my website account suspended because of MySQL CPU usage is too high for a shared server. I’ve managed to make them let me in to make some amendments but they’ve told me to get a caching plugin and named WP Super Cache as the one but I’m seeing just as many docs saying that I should use W3 Total Cache.

    I’m unsure which one I should now use. Should it be this one or the other? And I’ve FA of an idea how to configure it as well…


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