1. Ryan Hellyer

    I ended up writing a half-baked hacky implementation of something like this recently. Thanks to Mark for writing something which (presumably) works properly :)


  2. Anouar Fourti

    Does it work with WP Rocket ?


  3. Scott Hartley

    Why would we use this over the default settings in W3TC which allow you to cache pages for logged in users and only do it for specific user types (Admin, Sub, etc)?


  4. Dan Knauss

    That’s really awesome. Many thanks to Mark!

    It ought to be stressed — as Mark notes on his blog — the problem being solved with this plugin exists on managed WordPress hosting where server side caching is used. So this plugin will help you out there too.

    Seems like an ideal use case would be a multi-user content site where people involved in the publishing workflow are frequently logged in.


    • Dan Knauss

      …or rather, a multi-user content-focused site whose staff is frequently logged in and writing/editing/moderating from the front end for a core group of readers who typically log in to WP as subscribers.


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