1. Keith Davis

    I heard about this a long time ago and I signed up…. I liked the idea of a staging site to try out updates and plugins but then it went quiet.

    In the meantime I went with the ServerPress solution and now have local mirror sites of all my live sites.
    Still allows me to test plugins and updates.


  2. Christee

    You can get true staging, along with hosting, backups, and security (Securi) for $15/mo with Flywheel. (Plus super-friendly support staff.) So I’m not sure why someone would pay that much for WP Stagecoach without even being able to reproduce their exact hosting environment. (No, I’m not a Flywheel employee or affiliate – just a happy customer. LOVE their staging feature!)


    • Sarah Gooding

      Yes, I agree. Being able to reproduce the exact hosting environment is going to be fairly critical for the long-term success of any staging plugin/service entering the WP market.


    • DerpPress

      WP Stagecoach seems like a good alternative for those of use who have a number of active projects for clients. Christee makes a good point however I only have a small number of clients who would never think of paying Flywheel prices for a host. If I had my way (and the budget) sure I’d prefer to have a host like flywheel host all of my projects but that’s just not financially possible for many. I use SiteGround when I can and use their staging service but they have limitations on what sites you can host so I current use a digital ocean VPS for all of mine. It’s not ideal but it gets the job done. If WP Stagecoach doesn’t have any restrictions on what kind of sites I can stage I’ll most likely pay for a year and remove a headache.


    • Morgan

      Christee – you are right that if you are just going to create staging sites from one site, it makes more sense to use a web host that offers staging sites. However, if you are a developer or otherwise maintain a lot of websites, you can use one WP Stagecoach account on all of those sites, and you can create up to 50 staging sites a month, and you can use it with (almost) any web host. In that situation, WP Stagecoach becomes very cost-effective. (Full disclosure: I’m part of the WP Stagecoach team.)


  3. DerpPress

    I’m confused. Unless there’s more than one person who commonly use DerpPress as a username. Perhaps I should change mine to “Derp2” or “Derpish”


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