WP Engine Becomes The First Large Partner To Integrate Sidekick

WP Engine User Portal
WP Engine User Portal

WP Engine has revamped their user portal and is the first large partner to integrate Sidekick into its service. Sidekick provides WP Engine customers access to guided tours for understanding how different components of the User Portal work together. Sidekick is a product created by FlowPress to create interactive, narrated, guided walkthroughs. The new user portal has guides to learn about the WP Engine platform, managing your account, setting up your site, etc.

I was granted access to a WP Engine staging server to experience the benefits these guides offer and I’m impressed. They’re a helping hand at the click of a button. The walkthroughs are clear and to the point. Unlike reading tutorials or watching videos, it was nice to be guided through the process of managing my account.

The magic behind the walkthroughs is Sidekick Composer. Although not available to the public yet, I consider it the Camtasia studio for WordPress. After watching a demo of what this plugin is capable of, I think plugin authors are going to love it. Instead of using pointers, they’ll be able to create interactive tours with narrated explanations on how to configure or use their plugin.

Keep an eye on the Tavern as rumor has it, the beta period for Sidekick Composer will open soon. When it happens, we’ll let you know.


  1. Sidekick Composer looks awesome. I’d love to use it to create in-dashboard walkthroughs for WP All Import.Report

    1. I was recently introduced to WP All Import at a local WordPress meetup and man, what a powerful plugin. It’s really cool.Report

  2. Hey Louis, thanks! If you send me an email (ben @ sidekick.pro) I will add you to our closed beta list.Report

    1. We don’t have a video of Composer or the WP Engine Portal in action just yet but there is a video about SIDEKICK on the homepage, just click the big play button at the top of the page. (http://www.sidekick.pro/)Report

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