1. Angie

    Ok folks, we need something like this but free or freemium, not everyone will pay $49…


    • Lara

      Hi Angie!! simmerwp.com is free! Our plugin is sustained by developers who donate their time on Github.


    • Daniel Iser

      @Angie – Fortunately your all set. I released Cooked on the repo about 4 years ago, and for the last 2 years have been slowly building a fully polished version. It has actually been finished for at least 5-6 months but due to time constraints of managing Popup Maker it hasn’t been released.

      We are currently renaming it due to a plugin taking the name on CodeCanyon, but it offers an amazing amount of functionality for free, and is super easy to extend. Based on the Free / Addon model it should be availble this month.

      We are however stuck on a new name, feel free to vote on one or suggest a new one here https://wpchat.com/t/vote-on-or-suggest-a-new-name-for-recipe-management-plugin/1494.

      Sooner we lock in a name, sooner its submitted to the repo.


  2. wzy

    I’ll bet that this another of the thousand + 1 forks of the ZipList recipe plugins. The ones where a “recipe” is inserted in the editor via a lightbox popup.


  3. Syrehn

    I wonder if this is a fork or a re-package of the Recipes by Simmer plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/simmer/

    WP Site Care is tagged as an Author on their free “Simmer Private” add-on in the plugin repo, and the main screenshots on Cookbook looks very similar to the Simmer post screen.

    Also just saw on the Simmer blog that Brunch Pro (built by Feast Design Co.) was built for specifically for the Simmer plugin: https://simmerwp.com/blog/brunch-pro-wordpress-theme/


  4. Patrick B

    Sort of sad that the first comments are that it costs and that it must be a fork of another project…


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