WP Sessions Offers Free Video Series on Building WordPress Plugins

wpsessionsWant to learn the basics of creating a WordPress plugin? If you’re a visual/audio learner, check out the free Building WordPress Plugins video series from WP Sessions.

Inspired by the WordCamp style presentations of the 24hr WordSesh event, Brian Richards wanted to create a site to bring WordPress educational resources to people at home. The format of WP Sessions encourages users to watch live and ask questions. WP Sessions has several video series available with high quality speakers, but the plugin building series is the first that’s being offered for free.

The Building WordPress Plugins series features Pippin Williamson, Daniel Espinoza and Topher DeRosia, all of whom are highly experienced plugin developers. The series starts with beginner/introductory topics and ranges all the way to more advanced topics, such as data validation and sanitization.


These three professional developers will help you to understand basic plugin architecture. You’ll also learn about using hooks and filters, registering admin menu items, releasing your plugin on WordPress.org and much more. If you’re planning on adding plugin development to your list of WordPress skills, make sure to bookmark this free video series to get you started.

Next up on the WP Sessions schedule is a series on WordPress Unit Testing, offered November 30, 2013, featuring Alison Barrett, John P. Bloch and K. Adam White. This might be a great followup session after you learn how to build plugins. The cost is $20 for early registration. Session prices offset the costs of running the site and compensating instructors for the first few months they are offered. As more sessions are added, all previous sessions will be made available for free on a rolling basis.


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