1. Konstantin

    Kay hopes that his implementation could serve as an inspiration for what WordPress.org could provide for developers with the existing Plugin API.

    And it has. For the sake of completeness, as the article doesn’t mention it: The day Kay’s post went up, a first pass for a plugin author dashboard was committed. This is the result.


  2. Mickey Kay

    Yes indeed! Major props to Konstantin and the team for such a quick and receptive response. WordPress is such a massive project with so many requests in the queue – I think it’s really important to recognize and give due praise for efforts like these. It also serves as a great example of how user/developer feedback can and will influence the directions in which WordPress develops over time. Thanks again!


  3. Jon Brown

    This plugin and the mockup Konstantin linked to both look great. We’ve been feeding the support RSS into slack channels, but an overall dashboard would really help.


  4. Terence

    I can’t tell you how ~ or even why, to some extent ~ I am so happy to see the repos getting all this TLC and focus at last.

    Way to go guys! [and gals?]


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