1. Chris Mack (@chrimack)

    WordPress’s XML-RPC API is archaic. it’s difficult to work with, easy to abuse, and feels like development did 10 years ago. Why is a modern API taking so long to get into core? Really hope this gets added to core sooner rather than later – a modern API is needed so badly.


    • Daniel Bachhuber

      Why is a modern API taking so long to get into core?

      Because it’s hard to build a distributed RESTful API! We’ve made many difficult, hard-fought decisions with several still on the table. If you have opinions about what makes a RESTful API great, we welcome you to get involved with the project.


  2. John Saddington

    I can’t wait for this to be released into Core. I’m spending time prepping for it in my small app, Desk… spending some time in my next version writing the classes… :)


    • robert

      Beautiful app. Wish you the best of success! On topic: this probably the most important story for WordPress in 2015. Perhaps for all of web development, considering how WordPress is everywhere


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