1. Chris Howard

    Having been a client of both WPEngine and Flywheel, I am a fan of both. The main reason I moved from WPEngine to Flywheel was cost.

    Having that choice in the market was a good thing. It was good to be able to contact Flywheel and say, “We’re with WPEngine but looking at alternatives, what can you offer?” Now if I try that there’ll be no motivation for them to find the best deal for me.

    Therefore, I am against this takeover as it removes that competition and choice. As Larry Cornett says – in your quoted tweets – sooner or later “…These acquisitions always end poorly for customers …”.

    Sooner or later, Flywheel and its plans will disappear into WPEngine and our choice will be gone. And even if that doesn’t happen, the pricing will be adjusted for WPEngine’s financial requirements, rather than that of a competitor’s. Again, choice and competition suffer.

    Yes, someone will see an opportunity and come to the market to fill the gap, but they have to develop reliability and credibility, which takes a long time.

    So, am definitely disappointed by this news.


  2. Percival

    I’ve been using Local by Flywheel for a while (that’s how I found them) and I hope now it will only get better for us (users), not otherwise! :)


  3. Gregg Housh

    I left WP Engine for Flywheel. Cost, ease of use, features. Everything is just better at Flywheel. After this announcement, I am looking for somewhere else to move my 11 sites. I’m currently testing the beta launch of Convesio hosting and liking it.

    I just don’t believe all of the great Flywheel design, content, and effort will still be there after WP Engine brings everything in.


  4. Devin Walker

    It caught me by surprise but after hearing the news and pondering it it made sense. IMO it’s a solid move by WPE and hopefully will bring more value to both platforms. I’ve hosted on both (not actively anymore) and use Local by Flywheel everyday and am confident that tool will only continue to grow better now with more backing. Final thought is I applaud the move.


  5. Nick

    Guess that’s how they are using that silverlake money! unfortunately it seams to be pretty common for companies to raise their prices after taking a large investment as shown by WPEngine lately and also flywheel now raising prices for new users. It’s sad that any independent hosting company that is any good will eventually get bought out by one of the big guys.


  6. Paul

    I am rather disappointed. They removed the $15 Tiny Plan for a $25 Starter Plan (same specs pretty much) at the beginning of May in participation to this acquisition. It also caught me by surprise..


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