1. Dusty

    Hey Jeff!

    Thanks so much for covering our public launch! We’re super excited to get this out the door and let more people in. The feedback has been fantastic thus far, but we’ve got a long way to go. The Database Manager is just an example about how we’re really trying to re-imagine what it means to be a great managed WordPress host, and not just follow the status quo. We’re early on, but are moving quickly and have big plans.

    If anyone has any questions about Flywheel I’d love to answer! Leave a comment below or shoot me a note: dusty [at] getflywheel.com

    Thank for all your support!

    Co-founder & CEO


  2. Stan

    This sounds really great for a lot of people I know who have have never taken the time to learn coding or many of the technical aspects of website building.


  3. ayyan

    Looks Like an amazing pick for those who are looking for quality hosting, with less management.


  4. Ruairi Phelan

    What a great name ‘Flywheel’- it looks the part also! This type of hosting, I imagine, would suit most people. The very best of luck to you all!


  5. Jeffro

    @Dusty – You’re welcome. It’s awesome that our coverage and the interview generated interest and more importantly, feedback that helped improve the service for public consumption. Also, the shirt I received has been worn out and about a few times now. It’s pretty comfy.


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