Flywheel Hosting Opens To The Public

Flywheel LogoFlywheel Hosting announced on Monday that they have concluded their beta program and are now ready to do business with the public. During the last six months, Flywheel has been in an invitation only beta program giving only certain people with invite codes access to the site. I was one of the lucky individuals to get early access and the thing that struck me was how simple their site management interface was. At the same time, coming from a background of using cPanel to manage domains on a webhosting account, Flywheel’s simplicity was also its downfall since there was no way to use phpMyAdmin or mess around with MySQL databases.

When I interviewed one of the founders of Flywheel Dusty Davidson on WordPress Weekly, as to why they don’t have tools similar to those provided by cPanel, his response was “Flywheel takes care of that stuff for you but based on the feedback we received in the beta cycle, we’ve been able to see how useful database access is for people so we’ll be launching that feature in the next few weeks“.

On September 13th, Flywheel launched their database management system which was the most requested feature during the beta program. It’s not just the run of the mill phpMyAdmin installation. Instead, they have given the database manager the Flywheel treatment meaning it looks great and functions well, just like the rest of the site. I also like how they’ve added it to their advanced tab instead of placing it on the site manager front page.

Flywheel Database Manager
A better user experience when managing Databases on Flywheel hosting

Congratulations to the Flywheel team for finally launching to the public. If you would like to hear more information about the company, I encourage you to listen to this 45 minute interview I did with Dusty Davidson on Episode 118 of WordPress Weekly where you really get a feel for what this company is trying to accomplish and what aspects of the company will differentiate them from the competition.

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