1. Brad Dalton

    “I think there is also a risk of online bullying that can make people feel inadequate or ostracized.”

    There’s a lot of that going on in the WordPress and Genesis communities!


    • Vitor Madeira

      Unfortunately, it’s impossible not to agree. Bullying is starting to become a type of cancer inside so many of the most successful OpenSource projects nowadays.
      Hope the project leaders become aware of this, or else many of the most wonderful ideas, projects and achievements we take for granted, will go down the drain.


      • Brad Dalton

        Based on my experience, the worst behavior comes from people who portray themselves to be leaders in the community supporting & encouraging others to bully & trash anyone who gets in their way.


  2. Glossy Hooks

    Slightly off-tangent but equally important… May is Melonoma (that’s skin cancer) Awareness Month, as well! Everybody, don’t forget to wear your sunscreen =D


  3. Bridget Willard

    Yep yep. Mental Health is my jam.

    I’ve been writing about it quite a bit on my medium account as well as private conversations, side counseling, and WordCamp talks.

    Thanks, Troy & Jeff.


  4. Gin McInneny

    Loving all the different points brought up here. Mental Health covers so many realms – from bullying, to physical health, to support networks and beyond. Thanks for keeping this conversation going, everyone! Gin (WP Elevation)


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