1. Dan Maby

    Thank you for helping to raise awareness of positive mental health within our community. The more we openly discuss the topic, the more it’s accepted as ill health. Our first annual survey will allow us to better understand how to deliver our resources.

    The WordPress community knows very few geographical boundaries and as such; WP&UP faces challenges to deliver companionship, mentorship and support across legal, cultural and religious differences within our global community. Working with amazing companies both inside and outside our ecosystem, we’re developing products and services to help accomplish our mission; to support and promote positive mental health within the WordPress community.


  2. Giles

    I think this is a great idea. The more we pull together and help each other, the better is it for us all.

    I like the idea of a survey. Let’s find out who’s hurting the most so the likes of WP&UP can go help make a difference.

    Way to go !!


  3. Birgit Olzem

    Thank you, Jeff, for pointing out the survey here. I know Dan personally for a while now and am very happy and grateful for his initiative. It is so important to raise awareness about these health topics. In times of stimulus flooding and social isolation, it is all the more important to pay attention to one’s own health. Only when we talk about today’s working conditions in terms of prevention can anything change.


  4. Nathan Wrigley

    I think that this is such a great initiative and one that is really needed in the WordPress space.

    By filling out the survey, the WP&UP team will have a greater idea of where they should focus their resources.

    I’m going to try to get everyone that I know to do just that.


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