1. strebel

    Hahaha… due to the nature of our service, we dont use WP on our main site, (just our blog).

    Dont hate.. ;)


  2. Ipstenu

    Depends on the site. That site says ‘Deluxe Blog Tips’ so I’d expect it to service multiple blogging platforms. I’d read the advice and think about it with about as much weight as I do to blog posts that are old (or who use unmodified default themes), but I would want to find a post (or an about page) that mentions ‘I’m using platformA for this site because….’


  3. Andrea_r

    This is where “eat your own dogfood” comes into play. :)


  4. Stephen

    We only use WordPress for the blog portion of our company site as well. Although we do a lot of development in WordPress for clients.

    If the site/person can prove knowledgeable in the subject, it shouldn’t matter if the website their using is running WordPress or not.


  5. Joachim Kudish

    Only if they were a reputable source in the WP world. Otherwise, no.


  6. Tom

    If the site was like StackOverflow – a Questions and Answers site (like Yahoo! Answers), where there is no WP equivalent, then of course. That is a great format for finding solutions … from users, developers, and experts.


  7. Chuck Reynolds

    I voted it depends… I like the ‘eat your own dog food’ approach but if they’re giving correct information to people who need it then I’m for it regardless. But I’ll still rip on em for using blogger lol


  8. Matt

    Sure I would. Using Blogger for their site doesn’t mean they’ve never used WordPress. Then again, I run a Thesis site on a non-Thesis theme. :p


  9. Slobodan Kustrimovic

    @strebel – But it can be made with WordPress. :)


  10. Rarst

    Why not?.. btw I am not likely to take advice from many sites that do run WordPress. :)

    It’s not about site, it’s about author having brains and actual WP experience.


  11. Deluxe Blog Tips

    Hi everybody,

    Thank you for this great discussion. I’m the owner of Deluxe Blog Tips.

    The reason I create this blog is that I want to share my thoughts and experiences on not only WordPress, but on Blogger as well. Of course I have a website in WordPress, but it’s not for blogging. I just want to try some more blog platforms to see what their advantages are.

    I think the most important thing is the content. If it can be applied in your WP blog, that’s my pleasure.

    I’m very glad to receive all your opinions, and you’re always welcome to my blog. I’ll try my best to make you not to regret to visit a non-WP site :)


  12. Kevin

    I build sites with WordPress, Drupal, SharePoint, and ColdFusion where I work. Each has strengths/weaknesses and I prefer to judge a site based on its content than on its technology.


  13. Hyder

    WordPress.org itself does not run on WordPress…if I’m not mistaken.


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