1. Leland

    Sure, why not? I think he would have a lot of knowledge to offer in an interview, plus it’s always nice to hear another perspective from a competing platform.


  2. Danny G Smith

    I think it would be great. Each different cms makes decisions differently. There are some things I still miss from joomla.


  3. Len

    Absolutely! I’d love to hear his thoughts. Just remind him though that this will be a serious interview – not a shoot ala pro-wrasslin where he has to be in character smacktalking WP and Matt. ;)


  4. Benjamin

    I’d love to hear an interview with Anil. When he spoke at WordCamp-MidAtlantic it was one of the best sessions. Anil has lots of good insights to share.


  5. donnacha | WordSkill

    Anil has, in the past, been quite a dick on the subject of wordPress.

    I guess anyone who has been around blogging long enough is able to offer interesting insights but I would take any views he has to offer on the current state of play with a pinch of salt – I don’t wish to be mean but his judgement in the past has been pretty disastrous, including giving away his company’s lead in blogging software. MovableType would be worth a huge amount today if Anil hadn’t tried to cash in too early. He literally handed the market to WordPress.

    So, this is not a guy who gets it, and we already have a few morons in the WordPress community who, for their own selfish reasons, are spreading FUD about the GPL. I would worry that Jeffro is too nice an interviewer and will let false assertions go unchallenged. It’s going to be just ridiculous if this guy launches into a full-scale criticism of a company who, unlike him, understood the long-term value of their community.

    Then again, if he has been speaking at Wordcamps I guess he must have some genuine interest in WordPress, beyond it’s role as his competitor and the topics Jeffro suggests do sound interesting.


  6. Anil

    Glad to see such interest in the idea! It was great to meet you, Jeff, and hopefully folks can understand that, just like software, some humans are able to be improved and have their bugs fixed over time by a community. I hope I can be judged by the present, as Benjamin has done, as opposed to the past, as I suspect we’ve all made mistakes or had our actions misinterpreted at some point over the years.


  7. donnacha | WordSkill

    @Anil – very true, I based my comment upon impressions gathered years ago, I apologize for any offense I may have caused and look forward to listening to your interview.


  8. Jeffro

    @Anil – Well said Anil. So far, looks like there is interest in having you on the show. I better get cracking on securing a date :)


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