Would You Attend A WooCamp?

The WordPress Meetup group in San Francisco recently held their first WooCommerce meetup within the new Automattic Headquarters. The meetup focused on an introduction to WooCommerce and provided time at the end for customers show and tell their WooCommerce projects. There was also an opportunity to have questions answered. As you can see from the following photo, the group had a great turnout.

I asked Mark Forrester co-founder of WooThemes.com if there would be some type of WooCamp event in the future.

On the subject of a “WooCamp” you might not be far off. We’re strongly considering a WooCommerce conference, hopefully in Q3 – stateside. We’re going through the logistics of it now and these mini meet ups are great way to gauge interest and plan for a particular target market.

Between WooThemes and WooCommerce, I think they have enough customers to sell out any venue for a conference focused on their products.

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