1. Matt

    The fact that the WPUA site is made with Divi indicates a fundamental lack of WordPress knowledge and / or experience to me by the owner. It’s great for building personal / family sites for those that have no desire to learn proper practices. It definitely has a place and market niche. However, no professional that is STILL using Divi should be teaching anyone anything IMO let getting paid to do it. Lol.

    Divi is just not a professional grade product. For the moment, it’s just the MS Frontpage of this era despite it’s power. I pity anyone has succumbed to the siren song of either WPUA or Divi in recent years. Both have a lot of improvements to make before they should be consideration worthy of any fiscal consideration.


    • Paul DeMott

      Hi Matt,

      I’m the new owner at WPUA and have been slowly working on revamping the site and fixing what it was lacking in the past.

      I started with just a basic site redesign as my team and I are working to redo the website entirely. As you can imagine redesigning a site with a ton of pages takes a while and we are doing our best to update the design to a more modern look and back-end, while not harming the SEO.

      For those of you that are interested the general direction of WPUA will be changed. When I took over I surveyed the current members attempting to figure out what members wanted to learn.

      I found that a lot of the members were looking for more advanced tutorials then what was currently being offered.

      My goal over the next year will be to add high quality video tutorials that walk members through exactly what they said they were wanting to learn.

      I’m also owner of a bunch of passive income websites and I want to gradually share the methodology I use to build sites that make between $200-500 a month.


    • Joe

      @Matt: Your comment is soooo absurdly off-target, I don’t know where to begin. “Proper practices”? Really??? This just smacks of self-importance and a misguided sense of what WordPress is intended to be — which is to say, an insanely good tool for the 99% of us who don’t know (or, necessarily want to know) how to code/customize our themes. An insanely good tool made MUCH better with add-ons like Divi. Enjoy twiddling your bits, Matt. But hold your “pity” for the rest of us who have better things to do with our lives than that.


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