1. christopher

    looks good, i have been using video thumbnails and video thumbnails pro for a little over a year, will have to test this one


  2. Mark Root-Wiley

    Looks great! Does anyone happen to know if there’s an equivalent plugin for handling PDFs?


  3. Ryan Hellyer

    Whoa! That’s awesome!


  4. Brian

    This looks nice. I also used this recently and it was very polished: https://wordpress.org/plugins/video-thumbnails/

    My only quirk with it is that it’s tough to get the attachment ID and be able to do more with image sizes and whatnot. For some reason it stores the URL of the upload. I tried to ping the dev about it but never heard back. Still a good plugin though.


  5. Jean

    This should be much easier than pressing the prtsc, thats for sure.


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