1. Uffe

    Ohh yeah finally CC and convinience baked into one tasty plugin…nam nam! Please fill that cake with more easy searchable and embeddable content! Love it!


  2. SelenaMac

    While I like this idea in concept, bloggers should be aware that the rights to CC-licensed images can be changed or revoked at any time. So the image that’s perfectly legal to use today may result in copyright infringement tomorrow. It’s still smarter to get written permission from any artist whose work you’d like to use in your blog posts.


  3. Thomas

    Thank you for writing about WP Inject, Sarah! Feedback has been very good so far, so I am eager to continue developing it. Why do you think the name is that unfortunate though? Granted, I cant claim that too much thought went into it but I thought it fitting enough for a plugin that “injects things into posts” (currently only images but eventually the plan is to add support for videos, ads and news).


  4. Dave TaskerD

    Nice plugin Thomas – thanks!

    IMHO, the first things that spring to my mind when I see the word “injection” in the WordPress context are “code injection exploit” and “sql injection exploit”! “Hmmm. Perhaps this is a plugin to hack around the WordPress core…” etc.

    If a reader were to scan the name in a list of plugins, then perhaps they would not be encouraged to read more about what it actually does do (and miss a very useful plugin)!


  5. Thomas

    Thank you Dave! Point take, “inject” does certainly have negative connotations. I guess I will give renaming the plugin some thought, maybe with the 1.0 release.


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