1. Emil

    Bummer, but fair answer :)


  2. Paul

    I’d like to see some more exciting designs. Honestly, I’m a hardcore WordPress fan, but this stuff is ugly.


  3. Greg Turner

    So it seems to me that the conclusion to be drawn is that when speed is required in setting up a store, then Joomla is the answer, not WordPress. Unless the fulfillment center has some odd requirement that only a joomla based site could meet which I have a hard time imagining what that would be.


  4. Tim

    We’ve built quite a few sites which integrate with fulfillment centers and found that both the Cart66 and Shopp plugins work quickly and beautifully. I’m shocked that someone from WordPress was not able to make this happen.

    It’s truly an embarrassment to the WordPress community and I (along with many other WP developers I’m sure) would happily donate our time to build this site IN WORDPRESS.

    I hope it’s fixed soon.


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