1. Michael Torbert

    Great post! Do you have any details on what “a new batch of new product is being produced” means? I’m curious to know whether that means there will be new products and/or additional stock of the old/existing products.


  2. Jeffro

    @Michael Torbert – Nope, I have no inside information on what that means. Sounds good though. Maybe mouse pads or something? I do plan on asking Matt about the store when he comes on the show.


  3. Michael Torbert

    @Jeffro -I am in dire need of a WordPress mousepad. and pens, I need pens with a WordPress logo.


  4. Jeffro

    @Michael Torbert – If you can attend a WordCamp in your area, they usually have a bunch of general schwag like pens, t-shirts, and buttons or stickers.


  5. Michael Torbert

    @Jeffro -I just haven’t been able to make it work yet. There were two in North Carolina last year, one of which was cancelled, and the other conflicted with a prior engagement out of town. I think there’s one in NC in either Charlotte or Raleigh this year, and I want to say one in Baltimore at some point as well. Although that’s quite a long drive/flight just for some WordPress gear. :)


  6. Conorp

    It would be pretty cool to have all your WordPress files on a WordPress USB


  7. Jeffro

    @Conorp – Yeah, or all version of WordPress that have ever been released to the public. That would be cool.


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