WordPress Store To Get A Revamp

wordpressshoplogoRemember the WordPress Shop? If you forgot about it, don’t worry as I did too considering I haven’t seen much news come out of the store for quite awhile. Well, thanks to a Tavern forum thread started by community member Brad Williams entitled, Best Place To Get WordPress Gear? I needed to do a little digging to figure out what was going on with the shop. In particular, some of us wanted to know if their stock counts were updated in real-time or if they were static amounts. We also wanted to know if there would ever be more products offered in the store besides the mug and hoodies.

I sent an email to Alex who works for IndigoClothing.com, the company powering the WordPress Store and sent him my questions. He replied back and provided the following information.

The shop is still active and stock levels are pulled in real time from the warehouses.

The site is undergoing a facelift to match the current WP site designs and also a new batch of new product is being produced. USB drives have been added this week with more items to follow. (By the way, the USB drives cost $15.00 and contain 4 GB worth of space. Check them out here – http://shop.wordpress.net/usa/accessories/wordpress-usb-drive )


The past twelve months regarding the store have been quiet but it looks like things are about to ramp up. I’m currently in the market for a WordPress Mug, WordPress Hoody (X- Large), WordPress T-Shirt (Green X-Large), and to top things off, I would not mind a WordPress Thumb Drive to replace my meager 64 MB one.


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  1. @Jeffro -I just haven’t been able to make it work yet. There were two in North Carolina last year, one of which was cancelled, and the other conflicted with a prior engagement out of town. I think there’s one in NC in either Charlotte or Raleigh this year, and I want to say one in Baltimore at some point as well. Although that’s quite a long drive/flight just for some WordPress gear. :)


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