WordPress StackExchange Votes On New Community Promotion Ads


The WordPress StackExchange community is currently voting on ads to display in the sidebar of its forums for 2014. Every year the Community Promotion Ads are reset in December. These ads serve to promote anything that the community deems to be important. Usually, the ads are dedicated to promoting information and resources that benefit those in the community as well as potential new members who might be visiting. To be clear, these are not ads dedicated to commercial products.

WordPress StackExchange lists a few examples of Community Promotion Ads, including open source plugins, power tools, events or conferences and anything that might be of genuine interest to WordPress people.

Cast Your Vote for the Most Useful Community Promotion Ads

Cycling the ads every year helps to keep them fresh and current. The WordPress StackExchange is a place where many WordPress users turn to for answers and it’s important for community members to vote up the ads that will be the most useful and relevant.

Right now, there are only four ads up for votes, but the WordPress community has many more quality resources that could be included here. They’re still taking new submissions for Community Promotion Ads if you’d like to send in an image and URL. Voting will continue throughout December. You’ll need to create an account in order vote. Once logged in, you can vote up the resources you think will be the most useful to the WordPress community.


7 responses to “WordPress StackExchange Votes On New Community Promotion Ads”

  1. Hi Sara!

    Check out the WordPress StackExchange link, it’s broken. I think you missed the http:// and now it goes to a 404 of WPtavern :)

  2. Really interesting and worth mentioning imitative, and the current winner QueryPosts looks like something WP developers could find useful.

    BTW. @Sarah, the “WordPress StackExchange” link is broken

  3. I love Word Press, however still a simple user. This is the best site ever on many levels, will have to have lessons to optimize all the wonderful usage points,.

    I thank all those who work hard in the background making this site one of the most professional sites to use.

  4. Stack Exchange is the most noob-hostile site I’ve ever visited on the net. Why run ads so you can bring new people in only to tell them they’re stupid and undeserving and delete or close their threads?


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