1. Drew Jaynes

    Very interesting.

    I think Rarst hit the nail on the head that WPSE really does fill the developer support gap in the official WordPress.org forums. Even as an occasional support volunteer myself, I’d be much less tempted to use official channels for developer support, mostly because of the death of capable volunteers.

    There are some that argue that’s a gap we should try to fill on the official forums, but I actually disagree. I think WPSE offers a great deal of infrastructure that wp.org would need to implement to be able to compete.

    That said, I think the work we’re doing on the new official developer hub will really lend itself as a good complement to the fine support happening over on WPSE. It’s worth mentioning that we actually have a contributor team dedicated to DevhHub of which Rarst is actually a member!


  2. LPH

    Most of the time it’s a good place to get information but sometimes asking the question in the right way makes the difference in getting a good answer. That may seem obvious – but – sometimes answers go way off track.

    Also, attitudes are just too sharp at times. For example, I spent 3 days recently trying to explain that someone’s answer was wrong due to their not understanding my question. They kept going in the wrong direction. The person clearly didn’t read the first two sentences of the question! I finally just quit and haven’t been back. This has happened on several occasions and it can be seen several times a day. In fact, I’m so worked up about it that I’ll probably never ask another question there because it is too frustrating and can waste too much time. Heck, I’m a neophyte (at best) and the site has turned me off of WP development.


    • Rarst

      They kept going in the wrong direction. The person clearly didn’t read the first two sentences of the question!

      Or maybe they did? :) I’ve looked up your most recent question. It kinda is confusing because there is there is no technical difference to a function call inside and outside of a class. And that’s precisely where discussion went and why it went there.

      Asking questions can be complicated. It takes effort to formulate them and communicate them. And quite a bit of effort on top to see them from another person’s perspective.

      Please keep in mind that this is people volunteering they time for free to try solve and discuss what you need help with. :)


      • Nate Wright

        One of the norms I like about the SE network is that the asker is expected to put in more time formulating their question than the answerer should be expected to put in answering it. This basic principle of reciprocity is missing from other free support channels.


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