1. Ryan

    Heh, that’s a very handy little tool. It showed up that my Multi-level Navigation plugin uses get_archives instead of wp_list_categories. I hadn’t even noticed that.


  2. Ryan

    Lol, I KNEW I hadn’t added get_categories in my plugin. It was an ‘unnamed’ member of the WPTavern forum who did some paid work for me and added it in place of wp_list_categories :p

    A darn useful too this is. I wouldn’t have noticed that discrepancy without this plugin checker.


  3. Jeffro

    Yeah, I hope a bunch of plugin authors take a look at this site to pick up on things similar to what happened to you. I think if that happened, maybe more plugins would be updated and more would be in compliance with the repository guidelines. I think this also goes to show you what can actually make it to the repository.


  4. Michael Torbert

    Looking at All in One SEO Pack, it claims that I use the deprecated (pre 2.3) tag “the_tags”. and that I’m missing a $wpdb->prepare. Both of which are incorrect.

    He’s pretty misleading anyway, boldly calling plugins “incompatible” with whatever version of WordPress. According to that, most of the top 15 plugins haven’t been compatible in a year.


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