Discover Which WordPress Plugins A Site Has Installed With Plugin Checker

WordPress Plugin Checker
The WordPress Plugin Checker

Developed by Earth People, a web development agency based out of Gamla Stan in Stockholm, the WordPress Plugin checker can find which plugins are installed on almost any WordPress site. Unfortunately, this tool doesn’t list all of the plugins it detects. Instead, it looks to see if any of the plugins developed by Earth People are installed along with the 50 most popular plugins. Despite having a blank index.php file in place to prevent visitors from seeing a directory listing of the plugins folder, the plugin checker was able to determine that the site was using five of the most popular plugins.

Plugin Checker Results
Plugin Checker Results

Cool Tool But Not Useful To Me

While the plugin checker is a neat tool, I’d find it more useful if it listed all of the plugins in use on a website. It wouldn’t need to link to them on the plugin repository since I’d be able to locate them myself. However, I can see how this could raise privacy issues even though there wouldn’t be a way to download any code from the plugins listed.

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