WordPress Is 7 and I’m 27

Today, WordPress turns 7 years old. I’ve been using WordPress since 2007 which is only a few years ago. I always enjoy hearing the stories from those who were on board with WordPress since the day it was created by a fork of b2. I suppose those folks can be called the ancestors of WordPress. At any rate. WordPress is continuing to grow into a healthy project. The third party community is buzzing with new themes and plugins, WordCamps are popping up all over the world, as Matt Mullenweg said at WordCamp San Francisco this year, the state of the word is Strong. May 27th, 2003, the first version of WordPress was released on the development blog. This is when the development blog still allowed comments.

If you’re interested in seeing what WordPress looked like in the early days, check out this post written by Ozh which explores the first five years of the WordPress user interface.

Does Not Get Much Simpler Than This

Happy birthday bro!


2 responses to “WordPress Is 7 and I’m 27”

  1. You pup :)

    I used b2 back before it was WP and part of the reason I DIDN’T want to use WP was from wanting to shoot b2 ;)

  2. I think the correct term is neanderthals not ancestors…

    I started somewhere around 1.2 so I think that makes me the missing link…


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